Steering towards meaningful growth

AddingLight is a marketing consulting agency founded by Céline Grégoire and Sylvie Lasoen in 2019.

Our reason-why

Companies and brands are facing new societal and environmental challenges. So, they have no chance but to re-think their growth model and to accelerate their transformation.

We believe the role of brands is to assert their social utility and to contribute ‘at their fair level’ to these ongoing changes, by capitalising on their DNA and their legitimacy.

The issues that are at the heart of our commitments

The new brand challenges

  • Embodiment of strategic targets; implications on activation plans.
  • Elaboration of brand purpose.
  • Exploratory brand assessment, to guide its growth strategy.
  • Integration of CSR issues at the center of the brand model.
  • Strategic support corporate / employer brands.

    The markets and their dynamics

    • Foresight.
    • Exploration of new market opportunities and identification of growth levers.
    • Market and consumers segmentation.
    • Innovation processes.

    Stakeholders and setting them in motion

    • Transformation of organisations towards stronger people centricity.
    • Deployment and activation of the vision per business units.

      Our ways-of-working

      In-stereo listening

      Through our complementarity, we take into account the human and business issues that are specific to you. These will form the red thread of our support.

      Side step

      We like to challenge you to find the blind spots and allow you to go further in your strategic plans.

      Taylor made advice

      Each projet is unique. We set up a dedicated team and call on the experts closest to your issues.

      Crossing of lights

      We explore the tensions at play at every level:

      • Cultural : societal shifts.
      • Human : People’s lives.
      • Business : Trade-offs Long Vs. Short-term.

      Our digital practices are well established:


      Visio conferencing :
      Focus groups,
      Discussions / interviews.

      Collaborative platform:
      Project monitoring.

      Online communities:
      Set-up and moderation of blogs / forums.
      “Live” interactions with your customers.

      Our international approaches


      We work with local partners who share a similar philosophy to us.

      We are committed in multi-countries projects to:

      • Closely control field execution

      • Play the role of interface between our partners and clients

      • Centralize analyses and strategic recommendations.