Steering towards meaningful growth

ADDINGLIGHT is a Marketing consultancy agency with a proven track record in target engagement.

Our mission

Enabling brands to assert their utility value by taking into account their singularity.

Our obsession

Acting as a strategic partner to our clients.

Our three fields of expertises

1. Understanding

  • Your sectorial and sociocultural challenges, the changes at play

  • You external and internal targets and their insights

2. Co-Building

  • Your brand strategy : Vision, mission

  • Your innovation road map

3. Activating

  • Deploying the vision : Communication, sales, R&D.

  • Translating your data into business decisions

Our ways-of-working

A strong business pragmatism.

We immerse ourselves in your business issues and support you in implementing our recommendations.

Taylor made advice

Each projet is unique.
We set up a dedicated team and call on the experts closest to your issues.

Side step

We like to challenge you to find the blind spots and allow you to go further in your strategic plans.

Collective intelligence

To broaden perspectives, we mix different views and competencies.

You can call on us when you feel the need to :

Develop a unique brand experience

Increase your brand value through CSR

Reinforce your client centricity

Identify and embody your strategic targets

Sharp your communication territory

Fill in your innovation funnel

Define the levers for building trust in your sector

Mobilize teams around a common vision

Our clients

Few words from our clients

“I was lucky enough to be accompanied by AddingLight in the co-construction of the purpose of the Cassegrain brand.
The project has been instrumental in shaping the brand’s vision and we continue to call on the team for many strategic reflections !
Céline and Sylvie bring a wealth of brand expertise and a passion for the WHY. They complement each other perfectly to help brands evolve in line with cultural issues without ever denying their DNA. And it’s a real pleasure to work with them! ”

Elodie Vazquez – Senior Brand Manager, Bonduelle Europe Long Life

“I have worked with the AddingLight team on several occasions on fundamental DNA and brand strategy issues. The team has always shown a great ability to listen to the client and a very detailed understanding of the issues at stake, on the consumer, market, business and even internal company dimensions.
The methods are tailor-made, the experts always relevant to the needs. The outputs are extremely accurate and have each time strengthened the uniqueness, meaning and value of the brands under consideration.
On a daily basis, the quality of support is strong, fluid, committed and agile. AddingLight’s great strength: their holistic strategic vision as well as their high quality of execution.”

Amel Ben Meriem – Managing Director

“AddingLight’s tailor-made and highly structured approach is very powerful. It combines an in-depth understanding of the market, the customers’ needs and the company’s vision and culture. The result is the co-construction of a sustainable, differentiating and strong brand platform, which is a reference for all Tediber teams.”

Aude du Colombier – General Manager