Our missions

Deciphering the brands cultural framework

By broadening their perspectives, companies will be able to unlock their business issues.


  • Anthropological and cultural analysis in order to gain better understanding of the company’s / brand’s playing field.
  • Prospective views on their industry.
  • Inspiring talks with experts.
  • Desk researches (internal or external sources)
  • Outsourcing of Marketing / Insights missions.

    Securing lasting brand growth


    En tant qu’agent culturel, la marque est un puissant levier de transformation. Elle doit faire face à un double enjeu :
    A CONSISTENCY challenge with the brands / company’s roots..
    and a RELEVANCY challenge, in view of cultural and societal shifts.


    • Interviews with collaborators, who can testify the brand history.
    • Brand audits and Marketing plans to (re)conquer strategic targets.
    • Co-creation Workshops on Brand purpose / platforms.
    • Drafting CSR / brand engagement plans.
    • Support of corporate / employee brand strategies.

      Diffusing and embarking


      For the brand vision to become reality, the entire brand and company ecosystem must be engaged.

      • Mobilization workshops (on brand purpose, understanding of strategic targets etc…)
      • Ownership and activation of the vision for different business units; co-creation of specific action plans.
      • Transformation programs aimed at developing people-centricity (culture & processes).

        INSIGHTS :
        Understanding people and their tensions

        It is crucial to put human understanding at the heart of brand strategies:

        Consumers / prospects, B2B partners, collaborators and other stakeholders.


        • Ethnographic in-situ interviews.
        • Online blogs or forums.
        • Semi directive interviews.
        • Social listening.
        • Embodiment and illustration of strategic targets through Personae.
        • Segmentation.

          Deploying brand vision across all levers


          Quality of MKG execution and alignment of all levers with the brand vision are key enablers to build brand saliency and preference.


          Innovation :
          In-situ observation and insight mining.

          • Ideation workshops.
          • Development of products / services portfolio.

          Activation 360 :
          Audit and optimisation of:

          • Communication, design.
          • Brand experience – In-store, in-home.
          • Input to agency briefs.